Thorns & Roses


Oh Dear Thorns

Weaken me not

I shall hold you as precious as roses

As I dive off into this ocean of unknown poses

You are the inevitable law of nature

And so I shall abide by thou

And embrace you with open arms

We can even create a rhythm of our own, you and I

But once in a while

When the time smiles

Thou shall do your part

And step aside

For in the end, I too deserve the bed of roses.

In Nature’s Arms

A summer song in the open sky

A cool breeze of dreams so high

My heaven lies in nature’s arms

As I walk barefoot on the glittery green grass


Winds of Enlightenment and Joy

The leaves, the butterflies, they all rejoice

Humming along my silver tune

In this odyssey along the majestic moon


With Music and Wind

I dream of the starry sky

As I dare to fly high and high!

The Tale of an Orphan

He grew up on his own

A childhood of thorns and broken bones

Tossed around here and there

A child of eight, with an adverse burden to bear

While we bickered over toys and trinkets

In the comfort of safe shiny blankets

He strived in a house made of glass

For his mere survival with very little warmth


His blank eyes filled with deep scars of sorrow

Tainted with worries of a thousand tomorrows

An unimaginable tale of countless unshed tears

A tale of Abandonment, Loneliness and Untamed fears


As I begin to contemplate his pain

I realize how lucky I have been in this game

I ask, why does he suffer this misfortune

Is it only because he wasn’t born with a silver spoon like me?

Is it merely the chance of birth that divides our fate?

Isn’t his suffering too much to pay for something that is not his doing?

I am reminded of the harsh truths of life

How life is too unfair to some

And the horrid tales of plight

While we complain from our shiny castles

There are some who suffer the appalling maladies of strife


Today, I shall lend a helping hand to him and several others

But I wonder if that will ever be enough,

To fill the empty space that he will always have inside?

And I wonder how my aid will ever suffice?!

Winds of Love

As the winter winds brushed across our cheeks

He painted a starry night just for me

Singing the symphony of our futile dreams

As he sways me off my feet


A voice from the stars wake me

And I know the wind today is playing a mischief

A dream too exotic to be true

And yet I let myself be allured by you


A Beautiful stranger from the dark

A temptation too mesmerizing to stray from

He gazes into my eyes because he too knows

This could all just as easily be a lie

But an enchantment is overpowering our hearts

Taking us into a dazzling land afar


O my beloved Stars, please don’t mock me today

Let me enjoy this pretty illusion just for a day

Let me fly away

To that sweet sound of melody

To that sweet land of Dream, Desire and Fantasy!

The Comfort of a Tear

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The comfort of a tear

A relievement of a thousand fears

Letting loose of the profound pain and sorrow

The lightening of burdens in the hopes of better tomorrows

Tiny drops of water filled with a mystical bliss

The miracle of embracing a sort of Catharsis!


Sleepless Skies

Endless Nights

I dream with open eyes

Thoughts know no walls

They are hard to subdue

The mind wanders where it wanders


Amidst the silence of sleepy stars

I lie awake in the dark

Staring into the vast emptiness

I travel afar…

Through the shiny towers

Through the darkest showers

Endless Imagination

Endless Dreams

Endless Possibilities

Haunted by the ghosts from the past

Gripped by the anxieties of the future

I travel afar…


The mind is a beautiful prison

A victim of its own creations

Happiness, Misery and Despair

The paradise, the hell

Everything lies here.


Sometimes I wish I could just turn it off

Float into nothingness for a while

A parallel world where mind wouldn’t matter

No thoughts, no imagination

The water still

Each drop frozen

The wind numb

Every thought forsaken


And I would rejoice

In that motionless ambiance

Happiness, Misery, Fury

Nothing would matter

I would escape away into my pretty oblivion

And just float away

Float away into a beautiful nothingness!

Why don’t you Fly?

You say you want to rise

You say you want to shine

It is your greatest dream

What you think is meant to be

So why don’t you try

Why don’t you fly?


Yes, it seems too petrifying

To leave the shore

and go out into the ocean all alone

But that’s a fair part, my friend

You can’t achieve success

Without the strain

The path has to be thorny

To justify it’s great worth in the end

So why don’t you try

Why don’t you fly?


The ship sails and sails away

And we linger on and on

Imprisoned by our own bounds

An alibi here, an alibi there

Oblivious to the precarious scare

Build your dream

While you are blessed with vigor and time

Find the fire from deep within

Light the brightest flame you can muster

Sure, there will be many waves along the stride

But if you have the will

You will make it through any uphill

So why don’t you try?

Why don’t you fly?


In the end,

You might just achieve your dream!

Or sometimes it might not be all that was promised

But one thing is for certain, my friend

when you look back years from now

You will have a fewer regrets

Knowing that you at least tried

Your heart would be filled with content and pride

Knowing that you at least did strive

And the best part is…

you would not be riddled with the helpless question

Why didn’t I try

What if I could fly?!!!

A String of Hope

In the winter moonlight sat she


wondering what could it be,

the wind had blown her heart away

to the one it never was destined,

and she tried and tried

but the wind never blew back.


Instead as she shivered

the fog filled her with quiver,

the unrequited affirmation brought her

in a deep dark  she never had seen.

She struggled to clear the fog

but nothing happened.

She thought someone would come to her rescue

but no one did.


The wind blew more strongly

the fog filled the entirety,

loneliness grew stronger than ever,

the darkness lingered for so long,

she could succumb.


But no, she fought and fought

for she knew,

the moonlight had to fade,

letting the shiny day ahead!



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